Shri S’ad Vidya Mandal Institute of Technology (SVMIT)

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SVMIT is managed by Shri S’ad Vidya Mandal trust popularly known as SVM established in 1954 as a result of inspiration and blessings of Swami Shri Atulanandji.

About Department

Civil engineering is a core engineering discipline which deals with the planning, design, construction and maintenance of the physical infrastructure of a nation for its overall development.

The department of civil engineering was established in year 2012 with the intake of 60 students. The department has got well equipped laboratory facilities & well experienced faculty members for taking care of teaching & learning process. Our students are placed in various small & medium level construction companies in the region.


To impart quality education for developing civil engineering professionals with innovative attitude & professional ethics for sustainable development of the nation.

  • To provide sound knowledge of civil engineering with focus on practical work in the construction field.
  • To provide environment which develop creative thinking for providing sustainable solutions to real life problems with innovative ideas.
  • To provide opportunity for all round development & prepare the students for facing challenges in the professional world through industry institute interaction.
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):
  • PSO-1: To create civil engineering professionals capable of applying their technical knowledge and skills in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of different types of civil engineering structures or their components as per requirements by following codal provisions.
  • PSO-2 : To develop an ability to provide the best possible solution to civil engineering problems within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, health and safety etc. using techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):
  • PEO-1: To create the capability to apply knowledge of civil engineering while, working as a professional civil engineer or as an entrepreneur in the construction industry.
  • PEO-2: To develop leadership quality, team spirit & understanding of professional & ethical responsibility.
  • PEO-3: To create life-long learning attitude in the students & motivate them for higher studies & to serve the society with moral responsibility.
  • PEO-4: To develop knowledge & skills of students which enhances employability & scope for entrepreneurship.

Shonak G. Purohit

Assistant Professor

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Qualification M.E. (Structural Engineering)

Date of Joining 01 July 2015

Area of Interest Structure Design, Estimation of Costing, Concrete Technology

Mrs. Ruchi Gupta

Assistant Professor

Email Id

Qualification M. Tech. (Structural Engineering)

Date of Joining 03 March 2011

Area of Interest Analysis of Structures, Design of Structures

Chetan V. Kulkarni

Assistant Professor

Email Id

Qualification M. E. (Construction Engineering & Management)

Date of Joining 01 July 2015

Area of Interest Construction Management, Construction Technology

Sanket Mistry

Assistant Professor

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Qualification M. E. (Transportation Engineering )

Date of Joining 01 July 2021

Area of Interest Building Planning, Pavement Design, Transport Infrastructure Planning, Material Testing Consultancy, AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, PTV VISSIM

Aneri A. Chavan

Visiting Faculty

Email Id

Qualification M. E. (Geotechnical Engineering)

Date of Joining 01 August 2012

Area of Interest Geotechnical Engineering, Solid Waste Management

Dinesh A. Patel

Visiting Faculty

Email Id

Qualification B. E. (Civil Engineering )

Date of Joining 16 August 2012

Area of Interest Project Planning and Construction Management

Paresh J. Modi

Lab Instructor

Email Id

Qualification M. Tech. (Structural Engineering)

Date of Joining 14 March 1998

Area of Interest To perform experimental work in lab

Vipul N. Prajapati

Lab Assistant

Email Id

Qualification B. E. (Civil Engineering )

Date of Joining 01 July 2013

Area of Interest To perform experimental work in lab

Vasant S. Rajbhoi

Lab Attendent

Email Id

Qualification ITI (Wireman)

Date of Joining 01 August 2008

Area of Interest NA

The applied mechanics laboratory is equipped with machineries and set up demonstration the behavior of components under the action of forces and facilitate the learner to incorporate the outcome in the course of studies.

The laboratory includes facilities to determine the physical and engineering properties of soil. Study of the behavior of soils under the influence of forces and soil-water interaction is conducted by students to experimentally validate the theories.

The laboratory demonstrates and facilitates for understanding of various theories and principles involved in study of Fluid Mechanics. The behavior of fluids under various forces and at different atmospheric conditions is studied and interpreted by the students.

The laboratory has variety of instruments and equipment to facilitate for measurement and generation of maps. Land surveys are conducted by students for a variety of applications. Consultancy activities are conducted through the laboratory.

The laboratory hosts facilities to determine the properties of wet and dry concrete along with its ingredients and its practical applications. Students enjoy the performance assessment of concrete mix design and perform variety of tests on concrete composites. 

Transportation Engineering laboratory has the equipment & facilities for the testing of aggregates, bitumen/binder and bitumen concrete. It enables the students to interpret the material characteristics upon the behavior of bitumen concrete mix.

The laboratory hosts facilities for characterization of water and wastewater. It also has equipment for assessing Air an Noise pollution. Interference of various Physico-chemical parameters is studied and consultancy services are extended by the laboratory.

Computer/Project Laboratory is mainly assigned for the performance of projects by the students as well as for design engineering purpose. Varieties of application software which are related to Civil Engineering are being taught and practiced by the students in this laboratory.

Sr.No. Name of Students Event Platform Position
1 Dhruv Patel Cyclothon State Level First
2 Sehzad Parel Cricket Competition Zonal Level First

Zameer Kadiwala, Niyazuddin Panwala, Hemani Rana, Divyesh - Project work entitled “Traffic solutions at major intersections of Bharuch City” carried out by a group of students under the guidance of Mr. Sanket Mistry is appreciated by BHARUCH URBAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY.

Priyadarshan Singh, Naresh Chaudhary, Ankit Jain, Mo. Sheryar - Received a grant of Rs. 50,000 from SSIP Cell for their start up work entitled "Chal Mere Sathi" smart mobile ride sharing application in academic year 2019-20 under the mentorship of Prof. Sanket Mistry.

Priyadarshan Singh Thakur - Secured qualifying Gate score in academic year 2019-20.

Urmil, Priyadarshan & Avinash - Runners up in " Ultra tech Sparkling Star Contest" at State Level.

Monisha, Nusrat & Rozmina - Won 1st prize in " Greenovation Competition" at Zonal Level.

Semester 3 :

Sr.No. Name of Students Enroll No. SPI
1 Shehjad Achchha 210450106513 8.30
2 Karan Soli 210450106501 7.48
3 Madhav Varu 210450106511 7.35
4 Abu Tahir 200450106001 7.30
5 Anshuman Sharma 210450106508 7.26

Semester 4 :

Sr.No. Name of Students Enroll No. SPI
1 Jay Solanki 200450106516 8.09
2 Ayushi Thakur 200450106551 7.83
3 Shivam Patel 190450106007 7.78
4 Saloni Shah 200450106513 7.70
5 Tilak Manani 190450106005 7.65

Semester 5 :

Sr.No. Name of Students Enroll No. SPI
1 Shrey kumar Patel 190450106008 7.91
2 Yash kumar Solanki 200450106506 7.71
3 Subhan Patel 200450106533 7.67
4 Ayushi Thakur 200450106551 7.62
5 Kuntal kumar Parmar 200450106539 7.62

Semester 6 :

Sr.No. Name of Students Enroll No. SPI
1 Mo. Uvez Contractor 180450106004 9.26
2 Arunsinh Parmar 180450106008 8.35
3 Harsh Soni 190453106019 8.24
4 Dhruv Patel 180450106012 8.17
5 Yogi Prajapati 180450106015 8.13

Semester 7 :

Sr.No. Name of Students Enroll No. SPI
1 Harsh Soni 190453106019 8.83
2 Mo. Uvez Contractor 180450106004 8.63
3 Arunsinh Parmar 180450106008 8.33
4 Jay Patel 190453106036 8.25
5 Ismail Patel 190453106034 8.04

Semester 8 :

Sr.No. Name of Students Enroll No. SPI
1 Mo. Uvez Contractor 180450106004 10.00
2 Rahul Deshmukh 180450106006 10.00
3 Tarun Patel 190453106012 10.00
4 Nisarg Shah 190453106015 10.00
5 Harsh Soni 190453106019 10.00


Mihir Patel

Gujarat Insecticides Limited


Tejsawini Rana



Panwala Niazuddin



Kadiwala Zameer



Chavda Mitesh


Placement 2021 - 2022 :

Placement 2020 - 2021 :

Sr.No. Name of Students Name of Comppany Company Location
1 Mihir Patel Gujarat Insecticides Limited Ankleshwar

Placement 2019 - 2020 :

Sr.No. Name of Students Name of Comppany Company Location
1 Tejsawini Rana GNFC Ltd. Bharuch
2 Panwala Niazuddin GNFC Ltd. Bharuch
3 Kadiwala Zameer GNFC Ltd. Bharuch
4 Chavda Mitesh UPL Ankleshwar
5 Jay patel Aarti Industries Jagadia
6 Urmil Shah Labdhi Construction Ankleshwar
7 Mehfuza Patel GNFC Ltd. Bharuch

Sr.No. Event Date
1 I TO E Workshop 05 , Oct , 2021
2 CIVIL GURUJI WEBINAR 21 , Jan , 2022
3 Expert Talk on Career Guidance by Accumen 24 , Mar , 2022
4 An Expert Talk on "Construction & Working of Water Treatment Plant & Sewage Treatment Plant" 12 , Apr , 2022
5 An Exper Talk on "Hytograph & Hydrograph Analysis" 13 , Apr , 2022
6 Debate Competition on Technical and Social aspect 11 , Feb , 2020
7 Sessions for " GATE - Preparation & Success" 21 , Dec , 2019
8 Application of Auto - Cad and Revit in civil engineering 23 , Jul , 2019
Past Activities

Virtual Alumni Meet 2022

Visit to Gabbar Industries

Visit to DURACON RMC Plant

Visit to Karjan Dam

Visit to Kelod Village under VISHWAKARMA YOJANA

Survey Visit to Kelod Village

Internal Hackathon

Visit to WTP & STP of Bharuch

A site visit at "Safary Construction Equipment"

An Expert Lecture on " Disaster Management " delivered by Mr. Yogesh Pandya, Birla Grasim

Expert talk on "Bharuch City Centre Bus Port" by Kiran Majumdar Bhumi Developers

Expert lecture on "Building Planning & Designing" by Chirag Vadgama, Chief Architect Courtyard Design Studio

"Engineer's Day" Celebration

" Jal Divas " Celebration

Expert talk on "Construction Management"

Site Visit of Vadodara - Mumbai Expressway at " Patel Infra "

Tech Fest & Project Fair

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