Shri S’ad Vidya Mandal Institute of Technology (SVMIT)

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SVMIT is managed by Shri S’ad Vidya Mandal trust popularly known as SVM established in 1954 as a result of inspiration and blessings of Swami Shri Atulanandji.


Entrepreneurship cell is dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students. The main aim of ED-Cell is to encourage SVMIT students to start their own enterprise.
Movements like "MAKE IN INDIA" and "START-UP INDIA" encourages technical as well as non-technical start-ups to come up in India so that more employment is created and India becomes self-sufficient. Entrepreneurship friendly environment is being created in India by easing various norms for doing business both in rural as well as urban areas. Various organizations like Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)-A Government of Gujarat Organization established in 1979, engaged in promoting Entrepreneurship and Skill across the state of Gujarat. It also facilitates aspiring entrepreneurs by giving them guidelines.
ED cell of SVMIT is collaborated with CED to spread entrepreneurship spirit and enlighten students about entrepreneurship. The cell provides a platform for the students to pursue entrepreneurial activities and also provide assistance to potential entrepreneurs. With the prime goal of developing responsible innovators out of engineers, the EDC strives to assist every aspiring entrepreneur on every single step.With active involvement of students, the cell promotes and revitalizes the entrepreneurial culture in the college. Organizing Workshops and Lectures periodically to create awareness about entrepreneurship. Functioning as a guide for students with creative ideas which can be transformed into successful companies. Providing Mentor ship through individuals for students launching their start-ups.


To create awareness on Entrepreneurship among the students through training programs and camps. To facilitate budding entrepreneurs by providing information on entrepreneurial opportunities. To assist entrepreneurs in product development, Market Survey, Preparation of Project Reports and assist them in getting Technical Feasibility Reports. To help entrepreneurs to acquire necessary managerial skills to run the industry effectively.


To transform the students into ambitious and efficient entrepreneurs who can build a vibrant and sustainable National economy through engaging Micro, Small and Medium scale enterprises across the country


To inculcate the Entrepreneurial culture among the students and society. To act as an institutional mechanism through conducting awareness programs, and providing information on entrepreneurship to students and local community. To spread entrepreneurship, through education, research and training, thus accelerating economic growth, by increasing the supply of new entrepreneurs and strengthen the performance of the existing ones. To organize skills development programs that increase capacity building to own and run a business. To catalyze and promote Science and Technical knowledge-based enterprises and generate employment opportunities in innovative areas. To identify possible resource-based projects in the region and to respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level.

Chief Petron: Shri:  Shri J M Patel (Director, SVMIT)
Prof. Jignasa Patel (Assistant Professor, CSE and IT Dept.)
                      Prof. Jalpa Patel (Assistant Professor, CSE and IT Dept.)

Activities under ED Cell @SVMITDate and Participants
Workshop on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Emerging Start-Up23/2/2024-130
Entrepreneurship awareness program collaborated with CED2/3/2019 -  56
Entrepreneurship Development Program Module-II (15 days)26/6/2019 to 9/7/2019 - 28
Factory Visit9/7/2019 - 28
Entrepreneurship Awareness Program24/12/2019 - 21
EDP Module –II (15 days)10/2/2020 to 26/2/2020 - 21
Factory Visit27/2/2020 - 21
Webinar on development of WEB Resume 20/6/2020 - 20
Entrepreneurship awareness workshop1/7/2020 and 3/7/2020 – 148 and 20
Project Development webinar4/7/2020 - 80
Webinar on AI and machine learning10/7/2020 - 115
Entrepreneurship Development Module -II (15 days)13/7/2020 to 27/7/2020  - 48
Webinar on Business Opportunity

3/10/2020  - 62