Shri S’ad Vidya Mandal Institute of Technology (SVMIT)

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SVMIT is managed by Shri S’ad Vidya Mandal trust popularly known as SVM established in 1954 as a result of inspiration and blessings of Swami Shri Atulanandji.

A hackathon is an event, usually hosted by a tech company, organization, university or AICTE where programmers get together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project. The participants work rapidly and often work without sleep to achieve their task, as the events generally only last 24 to 36 hours or take place over a weekend.

The Innovation Council Cell of the Ministry of Education of Government in collaboration with AICTE has started the National Level Smart India Hackathon (SIH) in 2017. SIH 2022 was a  5th consecutive nationwide competition/event organized during August 2022 which provided a platform to solve some of the pressing problems we face in our daily lives, and thus inculcate a culture of product innovation and mind-set of problem solving.

SIH 2022 brings next generation evolution to by inclusion of new methodology to inculcate the culture of startup and innovation ecosystem across different age groups i.e. are as follows:

SVM Institute of Technology, Bharuch, Gujarat, India is running “HACKATHON CELL” since 2017.  The cell is organizing “Internal Hackathon Competition” for Software and Hardware Editions to nominate the projects for National level Smart India Hackahon Competition.  SVMIT has organized “Internal Hackathon SIH 2022” on 21 and 22 March, 2022. It was two days(20 hours) challenging competition (event) for students of various engineering branches of SVMIT including Computer engineering and IT, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical and Civil. This competition provided an opportunity to SVMIT students to prepare idea, product design, development and provides solutions to real world problem statements/challenges, we pressed in our day to day life.  Total 235 students (15 Software Edition Student Teams and 19 Hardware Edition Student Teams) from various branches of Engineering of SVMIT have registered and participated in Internal. One of the Software Team of SVMIT was 2nd winner up at grand finale of SIH 2022 was held on 25-26 August 2022 at Namakkal, Tamilnadu.

Hackathon Cell Coordinator: Prof Vaishali Patel (