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Dr. Jigar S. Gurjar
Training & Placement Officer, SVMIT, ( 9998962716 )
 Bhavesh C. Patel
Placement Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering ( 9426828764 )
Prof. Ankur R. Patel
Placement Coordinator, Chemical Engineering ( 74051 70974 )
 Prof. Bhavin I. Shah
Placement Coordinator, Computer & IT  Engineering ( 9998038432)
Prof. Abhishek P. Mehta
Placement Coordinator, Electrical Engineering ( 74052 87445 )
 Prof. Lalit G. Israni
Placement Coordinator, Dept. of Electrical &
communication Engineering ( 94264 11979 )
 Prof. Shonak G. Purohit
Placement Coordinator, Civil Engineering ( 98798 27763 )
About T & P

The Training & Placement Cell in the institute plays a pivotal role in counseling and guiding the students for their successful career placement which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their entry into suitable employment.

We aim at imbibing complete personality among students, professionally, socially and morally. Care is taken to develop research aptitude by means of various projects undertaken by the students during their academic period. Through an improving degree of professionalism, we are able to produce more and more opportunities to our budding Engineers in higher ranked industries with a high degree of morale and sense of attainment.

Placement being one of the prime objective after education, we ensure that students are provided with ample opportunities of placement through on campus, off campus, pool campus, mega Jobfair events conducted at SVMIT and in collaboration with other institutes. We are able to expand our network with the industries through our high sense of commitment aiming student career progress. We are maintaining remarkable placement record for our students.

At placement cell we provide industries the necessary infrastructure for Campus drive, Jobfair, Pool campus etc. Various modern amenities available at our institute for conducting campus recruitment.

Placement Procedure

  • Final year students are asked to register in the placement cell
  • The list of students who meet the eligibility criteria are sent to the responding companies.
  • Companies are invited to the college.
  • Placement officer and coordinators meet to co-ordinate placement activities.
  • Company assigns a convenient date to  visit the campus
  • Pre-placement talk is arranged for the students appearing for the drive by the placement cell
  • Company officials conduct the  recruitment and selection and publish the list of selected student
  • Company sends the offer letters in due course, along with their training package

Placement Regulations

The placement facility is available to all the registered students on one job to one student at the first instance. However under certain circumstances students may be permitted to apply for the second job after consent of T & Placement cell. In such cases, students must accept second job offer and decline the first job offer.
There is no restriction on applying / appearing in interviews until the first job is secured. A student will be considered to have secured a job if his/her name appears in the selection list of an appointment letter is received to placement officer.
Students must keep their Identity Card with them at the time of presentation by company/ Test/ Interviews, and produce the same when demanded the visiting team or T & P STAFF or their representative.
Students are not allowed to contact the member of the team visiting the campus for placement purposes without prior permission of the T & P officer. Canvassing the interview/ selecting process will ultimately lead to disqualification of the candidate from further selection process.
Students interested in pursuing higher studies must inform the placement coordinator as soon as their plans are finalized.
Students violating any of the aforesaid regulations or indulging in any such act of Indiscipline/ misbehavior may be debarred from the availing placement facilities and matter may be reported to higher authority.
Our Recruiters



Department of Chemical Engineering

  1. Ashish Dhamelia- Cadila Health Care Ltd
  2. Nirav Patel- Cadila Health Care Ltd
  3. Haard Shah- Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, Dahej
  4. Shailesh Patel – Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, Dahej
  5. Neel Modi – Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, Dahej
  6. Rakib Mansuri – Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, Dahej
  7. Darshil- Nitrex India Ltd, Jhagadia
  8. Dhamanand – Nitrex India Ltd, Jhagadia
  9. Shivam Dhobi- – Nitrex India Ltd, Jhagadia
  10. Janki Pandya- Reliance Industries Ltd
  11. Bhumin Ahir – Atul Limited, Valsad
  12. Bhavin Butala- Savla Chemicals
  13. Kunjan Modi– Privi Organics India Ltd
  14. Bhardiwala Vishal Kishorbhai – Privi Organics India Ltd
  15. Shreeraj Nair- Atul Limited, Valsad

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  1. Chirag Vaidya – Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, Dahej
  2. Harsh Modi – Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, Dahej
  3. Priyank Patel – Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, Dahej
  4. Siddharajsinh Raj- Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd, Dahej
  5. Nikunjkumar Patel- Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd
  6. Dangi Sunny Dharmesh- Privi Organics India Ltd

Department of Electrical Engineering

Kartikbhai Jagdishbhai Pandya – Privi Organics India Ltd

Department of Computer Engineering / Information Technology

  1. Saniya Menon, Tata Consultancy Services(TCS)
  2. Setu Patel, Tata Consultancy Services(TCS)
  3. Rohan Mehta, Axelor Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Prerak Shah, Axelor Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
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