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  • About Training

     Practical training is an integral component of the curriculum meant for our students.

    Our students go through two stages of training, During the summer vacations following the 2nd year, 3rd year, students undergo industrial training at various companies. Institute also organizes various in-house training by the means of Workshop and Student Training Programs.

    At SVM Institute of Technology, the Training cell emphasizes extensively on the training aspect of the students right from the first year itself. Designing of the training module is done with utmost diligence taking into consideration the requirements and expectations of the industry from the students before they join the organization.

    we have hired the best of training houses; which provides training in Selected Institutes across the country for imparting training to the students from first year. The students are trained on overall perspective starting from their

    • confidence building,
    • public speaking,
    • presentation skills,
    • language skills,
    • communication skills,
    • body language,
    • verbal ability,
    • mathematical aptitude,
    • logical reasoning,
    • computer applications,
    • Resume building and a lot more

    The training modules on all the above aspects are purely experiential so that the students learn through execution rather than just through theoretical concepts. Advanced trainers train the students in a workshop module at regular intervals, which is later on taken over by our internal training team through on daily basis.

    The performance of the students in these trainings is evaluated through internal and external exams and the results of which helps students to earn credits in their overall semester results. This not only helps students to improve their overall semester performance but eventually also helps them to get a good job or prepare for competitive exams in the final year.

    In the Prefinal & final year the training majorly focuses on preparing the students for clearing the campus placement process which usually comprises of Online/written test (aptitude & technical), Group discussion and Technical as well as HR interview.

    Thus the training module at SVM institute of Technology has been designed such that it not only helps students to get good jobs or assist in getting admissions in reputed institutes for further studies but also grooms an individual to become a confident, presentable, adaptable, well versed citizen who can fluently communicate at various levels in any organization.

    Line of Actions Executed
    • GIC Club Formation
    • Formation of Departmet committee for IDPs/review process
    • Departmental Presentations for Faculties and students to make them aware about Innovation Sankul /GIC Club activities & objectives/IDP/UDP concepts
    • Monthly meeting of GIC Club
    • List preparation of specific inductries/sectors with contact details
    • Industry communication for introducing concept of GTU Innovation Council
    • Issue NOCs for sending students in the inductries for searching IDPs
    • Formation of IDP Groups and assignment of guides
    • IDP/UDP Technology mining by HOD/Faculties along with students
    • IDP identification & follow up
    • Finding users for the already defined UDPs.
    • Project Group formation
    • Departmental Periodic check/review of IDPs
    • Conduction of periodic examination/evaluation/monthly meet to check the progress in IDPs/UDPs assigned.

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