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It is the branch of engineering that deals with the..

It is the branch of engineering that deals with the technology of electricity. Electrical engineers work on a wide range of components, devices and systems, from tiny microchips to huge power station generators.


Electrical department computer laboratory is equipped with latest computers with adequate hardware requirements and necessary simulation software.The lab is also available for students for projects and assignments from their other electrical subjects.The modern electrical engineering curriculum treats the computer both as a means of educating the students in scientific essentials and also solves the significant design problems which the electrical engineer faces.

Computer Specification:
4GB Ram
64-bit OS, Windows 8
Matlab 2016 License Version

This Lab is an open lab where all students have ready access to basic Instrumentation & Measurement equipment & to perform experiments. Today automation being the primary objective which is fulfilled by the lab facilities providing students to have hands-on with different control schemes viz PID etc. And practice on calibration, transducers etc.As well. The other purpose of the lab is to provide the space and resources needed by students.  The lab is also available for students who need to complete projects and assignments from their other Electrical subjects.


The power electronics lab is equipped with sophisticated facilities to support research and teaching activities offered by university for graduate students. The vision is to provide a facility that deals with all issues related to the efficient processing of electrical energy from its available form to the desired form. The lab is closely associated with the other labs and research groups to fulfill the vision and mission of the institute.


The lab has been indigenously developed with relays of pioneer companies like L&T, Siemens etc. in the area of switchgear & protection. Laboratory is equipped with all sort of Induction motor protection, Bus bar protection, Voltage monitoring Relays, Earth leakage protection & single phase non-directional over current or Earth fault relay. Laboratory is also providing probable arrangement to understand different concept practically like Transmission line performance under different operating conditions, load characteristics, real and reactive power flow and control for a transmission line, characteristics of different types of relays, power system protection using relays, measurement of sequence components, balanced and unbalanced faults.


Electrical Machines Laboratory is of considerable assistance in fulfilling the objectives of teaching the Electrical Energy Conversion course in the Electrical Engineering Department. The laboratory is well equipped with necessary experiments that can be easily performed to strengthen the correlation between theory and practical aspects. The laboratory has transformer units. Terminals of these transformers are accessible to connect single-phase, autotransformer, three-phase as star, delta ……etc. connections for laboratory exercises. The laboratory also has numbers of DC motors and generators, all common arrangements such as series, parallel and compound machines are readily available at connecting plate of each machine. Synchronous machines are also provided to examine the behavior of the machines with different type of loads. Induction motors wildly used as slip ring and squirrel cage are also provided for studying the characteristic of the motors with and without loads. All this make electrical machines and power lab quit suitable for education and can be adopted for use in some research work.

Basic Electrical Engineering lab has fully equipped setup to carry out numerous fundamental experiments in electrical Engineering. The experiments are designed to expose students to the practical executions of the fundamental theories of electrical Engineering. First year students get an opportunity to perform various experiments like law, theorem verification, transformer etc. Each experiment bench is equipped with variable AC and DC power supplies with adequate protections which enables students to carry out the experiments in an electricity safe environment. The lab is equipped with voltmeters, ammeters, various rating and type of transformers, CRO, signal generator, various types and sizes of motor, digital tachometer, rheostats etc.


Electrical Workshop laboratory provides students a platform to learn and practice fundamental concepts of Electrical Engineering. Experiments such as implementation of domestic wiring, implementation of Staircase Wiring, characteristics of fuse etc. are undertaken to enhance practical knowledge of students.

With 30 PCs with Intel i3 Processor
Autodesk Inventor Series 11.0
Pro Engineer Wildfire 4.0
Engineering Equation Solver
FEAST – Design Tool
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